It may be a small word, but it has profound meaning. Perhaps you’ve read books about it, heard sermons about it, or experienced it firsthand in your own life. But what if we could truly understand the depths of God’s grace? How would it change our lives? How would it change our world? With powerful teaching from three theological scholars, The Grace of God is a nine-week course designed to unpack the doctrine of grace and how it applies to our lives. We invite you to join us on this journey to discover the life-changing impact of God’s amazing grace.

What to Expect

Grasping the depths of God’s grace changes everything, and that’s why we are committed to offer this course for FREE. We want to share this powerful truth with as many people as possible. The message is transformative, but the process is simple. The nine-week course is delivered weekly to your inbox and features a teaching video and a series of questions you can use in your own personal study or within a small group.

The Grace Distinctives

Grace of God - Sovereignty


Dr. Ken Wilson takes us on a three-part journey to understand the sovereignty of God and what the Bible really says about God’s will. He discusses various views on sovereignty, challenges popular interpretations, and presents how these topics relate to the grace of God.

Grace of God - Salvation


In this three-week module, Dr. Dave Anderson unpacks the correlation between salvation and the grace of God. You will dive into key biblical passages on salvation and discover what “being saved” truly means.

Grace of God - Service Rewards

Service Rewards

In this three-week module, Dr. Joe Wall discusses the topic of rewards and how every believer can make their lives count. You will learn how to finish the course and keep your focus on what is eternal.

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