A Seminary to the World

Grace School of Theology is an evangelical Christian institution of higher learning. Our purpose is to offer programs of study in an environment where academic excellence is emphasized and a biblically based perspective is maintained. Grace is committed to enriching its students spiritually, intellectually, and professionally, and to preparing students to serve God in a global and culturally diverse society.

We are Grace — a seminary without walls developing disciples without limits.




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Grace Distinctives

We believe the concept of grace should extend beyond our theological focus. So we’ve sought to translate grace into every facet of our seminary, ensuring that time, distance, and finances are no longer obstacles in pursuing a seminary education.



We understand how busy life can be and the balancing act required to nourish your spiritual growth, your family, and your ministry. That’s why we’ve developed a simple building block system that enables you pursue your degree at a manageable pace. Get the training you need without sacrificing the ministry you love.



There’s no need to pack up your family and move to attend seminary. Whether you choose the convenience of our 100% online degree programs or the proximity of our teaching sites, your seminary classroom is right where you need it. We’re the seminary without walls building disciples without limits.



In this economy, everyone is looking for ways to trim their budgets. At Grace, we believe you shouldn’t have to leave seminary with a degree wrapped in debt. With tuition rates 75% less than the seminary average, Grace works hard to provide the highest-quality theological education at a price you can afford.

Grace Stories

We are so grateful for the work God is doing in and through Grace. Here are just a few of the stories of our staff and students who are impacting the world with the love of Christ, a love that cannot be earned and cannot be lost.